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BlackMen.Net was established in 2000 as a site dedicated to presenting Black Men in an entirely new way.  And while we could present a bunch of flashy graphics on this page, and bombard you with advertising, instead we would like to tell you about us.

How are we different from all the other adult websites available on the web today?  Well, the reasons are many . . .

First of all, we feature black men!  On most adult websites, Black men have only a token appearance -- and when they are present, the context is often demeaning or insulting.  Other sites try to be everything to everybody.  We don't.  We're here only for those who admire (dare we say lust after?) Black men.  And of those sites who do feature Black men, far too many can't get past the tired "thug" concept (and many of those "thugs" have really limp dicks), or the technically horrible video content, or the poorly posed and lit still photos, or all the ads and other junk that clutter those sites.

Secondly, we feature only original content.  When you see something on BlackMen.Net, it was shot by BlackMen.Net for use on the site.  Nothing came from anyone else, or any other company.

Thirdly, we feature only high quality content.  Both our still photos and our video products -- particularly in the BlackMen.Net Theatre -- are first-rate, high quality material.  Every single photo and video at BlackMen.Net was shot by us, hand selected, meticulously edited, then put on the site.  And everything on the site is optimized for high speed internet connections, meaning we give you big files for superior image quality.

Fourthly, our models come from around the world.  We've got models from the Unied States, Brazil, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean.  It's all part of our goal of bringing you a widely diverse collection of Black men. 

Finally, BlackMen.Net presents Black men with a very positive and unique style and flair that no one else does.  It's a very elegant, stylish, masculine -- and very, very hot -- approach to featuring Black men.  Check it out yourself and you will see.

BlackMen.Net features hot man2man sex video clips in the BlackMen.Net Theatre, plus solo videos of over 100 models, plus still photosets of over 125 models, plus a Video on Demand section where no membership is required.  We even feature an occasional BlackMen.Net model having sex with his girl!

All of the models on BlackMen.Net were hand-selected by us to appear on the site.  Our primary criterion for them is that they represent the strength, beauty, sexual diversity, and variety of black men.  In the left frame of this page, you can see a sampling of the men we have on the site.  Click on any thumbnail to see a larger version of that photo.

The bottom line is that while BlackMen.Net is not cheap, you do get your money's worth.  It's the most stylish, highest quality presentation of Black men on the web today.

You can catch all of the content at BlackMen.Net as a Premium member of the site -- just click on the link below to join.  If video is not your thing, or if you have a really slow dial-up connection, you can catch all of the still photos (but none of the video content) as a regular member of the site at a lower cost.

And even if you're not a member, you can always visit BlackMen On Demand, our video on demand service, where you can see the videos you want, when you want them, and pay only for what you actually watch -- as there is no membership required. 

The choice is yours.  Whichever access you choose, you'll get the great content you always desired. 

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